Ensenda Not Entirely Sure Where The Mailroom Might Be

Rob is an Amazon Prime customer who lives near Chicago. He likes Prime, but isn’t thrilled with his last three shipments that came through a lesser-known delivery company, Ensenda. The comments on a previous post about Ensenda’s inability to actually deliver things indicate that he’s not alone. But his packages are: abandoned and alone, lost somewhere in the system. Or dumped on the first flat service the delivery person could find. This is not the quality of service that anyone should expect from a company paid to provide overnight shipping.

I’ve had three different Amazon prime shipments through [Ensenda] now, and there were issues with all of them. The first time, it was to my home, and the delivery guy that showed up was disheveled and looked like he just wandered off the street. Granted, I don’t expect my deliverymen to be GQ models, but this guy was seriously in need of some decent clothes and a shower.

The second shipment was to my office building. This time, the deliveryman entered the building, threw the package down on an unstaffed desk outside the security station, and took off. The building has both a dock and a mailroom that every other shipping company under the sun is able to find, but Ensenda, for whatever reason, decides the best way to handle it is to just enter the front door, throw the package down on a flat surface and take off claiming the shipment was delivered.

The third shipment was for today, again at the office, and Ensenda claimed they “attempted delivery” to the building at 11:59AM but “could not deliver.” Again, fully staffed office building, dock, mailroom, etc. and they claim they are unable to deliver the package in the middle of the workday. Total baloney.

I’m at my wits end here, and a quick google search showed me I’m not the only one. When Amazon is charging people $3.99 per item for next day shipping and chooses to use this sub-par company that can’t make a proper delivery to save their life, it really, really grinds my gears.

Amazon Prime Customers Don’t Like Ensenda, Either

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