Amazon Taking Longer To Ship To Non-Prime Customers

amazontruckAfter all these years of Amazon Prime being around, most of us know that a major perk of the subscription service is free, expedited shipping. But it looks like Amazon’s focus on getting packages to Prime customers has resulted in slower deliveries for shoppers who didn’t ante up $99/year for Prime.

This is according to online retail analysts at StellaService, who recently told Forbes that Amazon’s regular shipping is starting to slip.

“There are 40 companies on our list, and Amazon has always been in the top 10,” explains Kevon Hills, VP of research for StellaService. “This year, we’ve seen them fall outside of the top 10, which is the first time we’ve seen that happen.”

Since Prime customers are not only paying for the guaranteed delivery dates, but also tend to be more regular and loyal customers of Amazon, it would seem to make sense that the company is going to great lengths to keep those shoppers happy. But is it happening at the expense of the millions of casual Amazon customers?

“I think the focus, for them, has shifted from standard shipping to being fast and making sure they deliver on that promise for Prime,” Hills tells Forbes, who notes that a number of other online retailers have made significant improvements to their shipping — another reason Amazon has dropped down the list. “The industry is getting faster, and we’ve seen Amazon fall off a little bit.”

Amazon Shipping Has Gotten Slower For Non-Prime Members [Forbes]

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