Amazon Prime Customers Don't Like Ensenda, Either

We’ve previously shared letters from readers who aren’t thrilled with OnTrac, a regional shipping company that Amazon uses for some shipments for Amazon Prime, their all-you-can-buy unlimited free delivery option. Now we’re hearing rumblings of problems with another smaller delivery company, Ensenda.

Robert copied us on an EECB that read, in part:

I was a little surprised when, at 6:30pm CST, I checked the delivery
details for my package (Tracking #: [redacted]) on your website
again and saw that the package had been delivered, apparently to the
front door of the home, signed for by the delivery driver. My mother’s
home is not very large, and we couldn’t have been any closer to the
front door and windows. My mother had been home all day, and I had
been with her for close to 4 hours at that point, waiting for the
delivery. We received nothing.

Is it common practice to have a delivery person sign for and leave a
$200 package outside of a person’s residence without prior
authorization? Your customer service rep ([redacted]) who I spoke to on the
phone twice did her best to track down the driver while he was still
in the field to have him come back and find out what happened. She was
unable to reach him and told me that she would call me back after she
heard from him. [redacted] never called me back, so I reached back out to
her at about 8:30 CST. She placed me on hold while she reached out to
the driver again. She let me know that the driver looked at his notes
and indeed delivered the package to my mother’s home, however he could
go back in the morning to verify. The other option she had for me was
that she could contact Amazon immediately to request an expedited
replacement. Why should Amazon have to pay for the mistakes of
Ensenda? They very likely just gave away a $200 product for free to
some unknown person at the fault of Ensenda. I chose to have the
delivery driver come back, re-trace his or her steps, and try to find
out what happened. Hopefully they are able to locate the package and
deliver it to the correct address the second time around.

Amazon’s user forums and other sites are filled with complaints about the company. Have you had an experience with Ensenda, good or bad? Share it here in the comments, or send your experience to

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