UPS Drives To Your House Specifically To Not Deliver Packages

The UPS driver servicing Valerie’s neighborhood has a very shaky understanding of what his or her job actually entails. Every time that a package is Valerie-bound, on the very first delivery attempt the driver slaps a final notice on the door and returns the packages to the sender. (She didn’t mention whether they even bother to ring the doorbell.) Local management doesn’t seem to care, UPS corporate doesn’t seem to care, and Valerie can’t even avoid ordering things through UPS, since her baby registry is with a company that only uses them to ship.

We have had several issues with the UPS delivery person who services our area. A Info notice is not left and the doorbell is rarely rung. This person appears to do the bare minimum of show up, leave a final notice on the door and then return the package to sender.

It is getting ridiculous, and we have complained to the local manager with no avail and do not have this problem with FEDEX or USPS so we are attempting to escalate this matter, so I am sending our story to The Consumerist.

The level of apathy regarding this matter from UPS is a bit depressing. Their attitude pretty much is: there is nothing we can do. And everyone I talk to there claims they are a ‘manager’ which is highly unlikely considering this has happened twice in one week alone. I actually suspect the delivery agent was spoken to once and has now some sort of personal vendetta to settle.

When we call UPS to complain after sitting on hold for upwards of 30 minutes, the template response is no he left the info notices (yet we only ever receive the one marked ‘Final Notice’) and by the time we call the package is categorically returned to sender.

Please help us, we are trapped using UPS as the store we are registered at (Babies R Us, we are expecting a child this September) offers no other shipping options

Is it at all possible to have these UPS packages directed to your workplace, or to the home of a trusted local friend who lives on a different UPS route?

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