Went To Firestone To Fix Flat, Got $1,600 Estimate

A Redditor has posted images of his repair estimate he got from Firestone after taking their car in to fix a flat. The Firestone mechanic said they couldn’t just put a plug in, they needed to replace the whole tire. And while they were at it, they said the Redditor should overhaul their electrical system for $1,600 because the blinkers didn’t work, even though they did work.

The Redditor also posted a picture of the estimate they got from the Sears they went to that was located across the parking lot. The total on that was just $19.

“The guy even joked around with me saying, “So Firestone loses another customer, eh?” wrote the Redditor…

…once again proving both the value of an honest mechanic and getting a second opinion.

Scumbag Firestone [Reddit] (Thanks to Stan!)

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