Ryanair Treats Passenger For Cardiac Arrest With A Sandwich

A Ryanair passenger’s family is angry with the airline because they say their father had a heart attack on the airplane and all the crew gave him was a sandwich. They also made him pay for the sandwich.

UPI reports that the man’s family told Swedish newspapers that the 63-year old man went into cardiac arrest during the flight.

“He didn’t respond when I tried to shake him. But after I slapped him in the chest, he began breathing again,” she said. The crew only took an interest after she shouted for a doctor and that he needed oxygen, said the man’s stepdaughter, who is a nurse.

“They said he had low blood pressure and gave him a sandwich and a soda. And they made sure he paid for it,” she said.

A Ryanair spokesperson told Swedish newspaper The Local that, “In line with procedures for such cases, a Ryanair cabin crew suggested a diversion to the nearest airport or to have an ambulance on standby on arrival at [Stockholm-Skavsta Airport] so that the passenger could receive medical treatment,” he said. “However, the passenger’s companion, who identified herself as a nurse, declined this offer.”

The passenger’s family say this didn’t happen and no ambulance was there when they landed. They drove their father to the hospital themselves, they said.

Cardiac arrest? Here’s a sandwich [UPI] (Thanks to Rob!)

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