Sprint CSR Waives Activation Fee, Calls Back To Tell Me She Can't

When one of our readers writes in to tell us about a follow-up call from a CSR, it’s usually because the rep is putting forth the extra effort to make sure the customer is satisfied. In the case of Vince and his dealing with the folks at Sprint, that call back was to let him know the company would not be making good on its promise.

In fact, as Vince tells it, no one at Sprint seems to be able to give him a straight answer:

I went to the local Sprint store to add a line to my account. My fiance picks out a phone, and we’re doing the paperwork. The rep assures us there won’t be any extra charges and specifically says there won’t be an activation fee.

Then comes the bill and lo and behold, a $36 activation fee.

I call Sprint to complain, and the CSR tells me that while they do not normally waive activation fees, this time, just once, they will waive my fee.

Then a day later, the same rep calls me back to tell me her supervisor rejected the fee waiver!

This is ridiculous! This makes two different Sprint reps lying to me within a week!

If your CSRs aren’t empowered to make good on their word, why would I ever bother talking to one? Should I ask for a supervisor every time I call Sprint customer service?

UPDATE: Between sending us his complaint and this post, Vince also had an online chat with a Sprint CSR [we’ve seen the transcript], who promised that he would receive a credit for the activation fee “within one hour.” That was more than 24 hours ago and his account has yet to be credited.
We’ve suggested that Vince send off an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb to Sprint. With the AT&T/T-Mobile merger threatening to push Sprint to the back of the wireless pack, it would seem like Sprint should be doing all it can right now to retain customers.

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