Getting Through The Post-Irene Insurance Claim Process

The first floor of a friend’s house in Vermont was completely flooded by Hurricane Irene, forcing the family with two kids to evacuate to a nearby church. But braving the storm may look like blowing bubbles in the park after they start the insurance claims process. Here’s some tips they, and you, can use to make it easier.

The Red Tape Chronicles recommends taking pictures of the damage as soon as possible. Right after that, call up your insurance company and get your claim number. The sooner you get in line and get your number, the sooner you’ll get your check.

Keep track of any hotel receipts or invoices for tree removal. Keep a mileage log. You likely can get reimbursed by your homeowner’s insurance later.

Then, the age-old question. Was the damage caused by wind or water? Much of the damage Hurricane Irene caused will be from flooding. Most homeowner’s policies only cover wind. This brochure details what most homeowner’s policies typically cover. Study your policy closely to see what’s covered and what’s excluded. You’ll want to have all that under your belt when you start sparring with the insurance company.

After Irene, the hard part: How to get the help you deserve [The Red Tape Chronicles] (Thanks to MaxH42!)

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