After $700 Spent And 2 Months Waiting, I Kind Of Expected To Have My Glasses By Now

Where are Joseph’s glasses? He’s been waiting for more than two months for the high-index specs he ordered to show up. Normally, this process takes less than a week. When he contacts Lenscrafters, he’s shuffled around, given excuses, or actually hung up on: not appropriate treatment for someone who has just dropped $700 in your store.

Here’s the letter that he sent to Lenscrafters Corporate yesterday:

I ordered glasses about 2 months ago and I still don’t have them. During that time I’ve been given 4 different delivery dates (the latest being today – 8/22/11), different excuses from your associates, associates hanging up the phone and refusing to transfer me to the store management (the store’s Doctor), no status reports or follow-up calls… and the general run around.

As for the excuses, the latest excuse given to me when I phoned in on 8/11/11 is that there was a quality control issue with my lenses and they were making me a new set of lenses. Now, I’m glad your company may be taking the quality of my lenses seriously if it’s the truth but let’s be honest; it does not take anywhere near this long to create a set of high index prescription lenses 10 times over, let alone twice (if that’s actually the truth). Even if it’s the truth, shouldn’t they be prioritized and rushed? Shouldn’t my lenses to overnight shipped and put ahead of the line at every step of the process at this point?

Now, let’s talk about the service I’ve received by your agents. Never once has an associate or manager called me to follow-up on my order, give me a status report or anything! The onus has been on me and me alone to find out if my glasses are in. So every 2 weeks, like an idiot, I have to call-in to the store and ask if my glasses are in yet. Then I have to wait an hour or two for someone to finally remember to call me back to let me know that they are not and that they will certainly be there by whatever B.S. call date they’re feeding all their customers that day.

I’ve been more than patient and today (8/22/11) I asked to speak to the manager, the Doctor. Previously, (8/11) I spoke to an Assistant Manager who gave me 8/22 as the date and even assured me they spoke to your Regional QC where they were being held or made (not sure). Anyway, the associate I spoke to, [redacted], was rude, unresponsive, refused to transfer me and then hung-up on me!

When I FINALLY managed to speak to the Doctor. She has promised me to find out what’s going on, but I’ll be honest, I don’t have much confidence in anything anyone at that store or your company for that matter tells me at this point… and I have yet to hear back. I understand the lenses are manufactured out of the store and there is only so much they can do, but the treatment I’ve received is ridiculous!

Yes, this is a long complaint letter but I still want to know what’s going on with my glasses! Where are they, when can I expect them (for real this time) and what your company intends to do to make this right? You have all my info in the form. I’ve spent over $700 on these and I expect better for that kind of money. I’ve had made-to-measure suits completed sooner and quite frankly I don’t think an hour of anyone’s time to check on my order, follow-ups and actual customer service is too much to ask for even if $700 isn’t that much in the grand scheme to you guys.

Based on my decades of experience as an incredibly nearsighted person, this is unusually long. The situation probably involves a lost order, or damaged frames that have to be re-ordered from Italy or China. It’s difficult to believe that it would take this long to get the lenses correct, even if they’re something complex like high-index no-line trifocals.

Contacting Corporate is the best way to get Lenscrafters’ attention. Good luck to Joseph, and our best wishes for clear vision very, very soon.

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