Triple Double Oreo Hits Shelves, Crushes Them

The new Triple Double Oreo is now on the market, bringing one layer of vanilla and one layer of chocolate creme sandwiched between three cookie layers straight to your face.

We reported back in May how these cookies were coming out, and now they’re here, so it’s time for OREO fans everywhere to start consuming them in moderation. The suggested serving size is one. Just take one from the package, eat it, and then put the package away. Each cookie has 100 calories and 4.5g of fat.

Though, with a new commercial campaign starring Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williams, and Apolo Ohno who compete in “lick races” to see who can eat their cookie the fastest, moderation is not exactly the message.

Since 2008, Oreo has been encouraging fun-filled nom-nom activities in a game called “Double Stuffed Racing League.” How does it work? “To compete in a DSRL lick race, each person twists their cookie open and licks off all the creme,” says the press release. “Then, each person shows their cookie to their opponent, dunks it, eats it and drinks the glass of milk. The first to finish twisting, licking and dunking wins!”

“Now that I am retired I can spend more time perfecting my twist, lick and dunk skills, and with an added layer of creme and a third cookie, it’s clear that I am going to need the practice,” said Shaquille O’Neal in a quote attributed to him in a press release. “I am obviously the dunking expert, but I am working with the rest of Team DSRL to figure out the best way to compete with the TRIPLE DOUBLE OREO cookie.”

Gorge! Gorge! Gorge!

Triple Double Oreo [Official Site]

There’s A New Kind Of Oreo, And It’s Coming For Your Face

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