There's A New Kind Of Oreo, And It's Coming For Your Face

Hear that? That was another one of the seven seals breaking. Nabisco is set to unleash a brand new kind of Oreo this summer, the “Triple Double Oreo.”

The Oreo contains three layers of cookie sandwiching one layer of vanilla cream and one layer of chocolate cream.

Nabisco confirmed the reality of this transformative event in American cuisine to the Today show. “This summer, Oreo will introduce a new ‘twist’ on the iconic cookie: the Triple Double Oreo,” they said in a statement. “Three chocolate Oreo wafers with two layers of creme — one classic vanilla, and one chocolate. While we tried our best to safeguard this news, we couldn’t hold back the buzz.”

Just like we saw with the KFC Double Down and Denny’s Baconalia, food makers are figuring out that we’re willing to pay extra for more decadence and more calories if you will give us a staycacation in our mouth.

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