Extra Sneaky Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Sun Detergent

It looks like our good old friend the Grocery Shrink Ray has zapped bottles of Sun detergent. The after effect is a little extra trickier than usual, though. The new smaller size screams, “50% MORE LOADS!” while in tiny print underneath that it says “vs. 29 load size.” In reality, it has three few ounces than the older version. Sly!

Normally, that would be sneaky enough. But Sun detergent goes even further. Look on the bottom right. The old one has a big 50 to show how many loads it has. The new one has a big 75, but this time that’s referring to the ounces of detergent inside.

At a quick glance, the bottle on the right might appear to be able to wash more clothes, even though it has three fewer ounces of detergent inside, 75 vs 78.

Damn you, shrink ray! I would shake my fist at you but I’m worried that you’ll zap my hands and make them smaller than they already are.

50% MORE! (scroll through album) [Reddit] (Thanks to Eric!)
50% MORE! [imgur]

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