Wendy's: Where $1.39 Is 99 Cents

Adam doesn’t ask for much. He just wants to be able to walk into his local Wendy’s and buy Value Menu items for the 99 cents that the chain advertises nationwide. This dream eludes him, though, because all of the restaurants in his area charge $1.39 for the 99-cent menu items. Sure, it’s still cheap, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother him.

He writes:

I guess we’ve all seen those Wendy’s 99 cent Value Menu ads where they
talk about the Montery Crispy Chicken Ranch Sandwich and the Ceasar
Crispy Chicken Wrap, right? Even on their website, they encourage us
to try it out for a mere 99 pennies.

Well, I moseyed by my local Wendy’s and found they were charging $1.39
for these things! And I don’t live in Alaska or Manhattan where you’d
expect to pay more than everyone else. I live in TULSA, frickin’

I wonder if anyone else is encountering the “Try it for 99 cents….
that’ll be a $1.39″ syndrome?

Have you come across this in your area?

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