Zabar's Admits Its "Lobster Salad" Was Really Crayfish

For twenty years the famous Zabar’s deli in Manhattan has been selling a delicious prepackaged “lobster salad.” It’s beloved by devotees and a tasty treat. The only problem is that there’s no lobster inside. It’s crayfish.

“Crayfish are known locally as lobsters or crawdads or mudbugs’,” 83-year-old owner Saul Zabar told 1010 WINS. The blend “consists of wild-caught crayfish and occasionally when we could get them we’d also add langoustine, some mayonnaise a little bit of salt, a drop of sugar and we’ve been calling this lobster salad.”

The charm of the story failed to work wonders on the Maine Lobster Council, who gave the deli a call. Since then, Zabar’s has changed the name on the label to “Seafarer Salad.” However, the label on the shelf remains “Lobster Salad.” Why?

“I know people are going to go to that spot and when they pick up the container it’s going to say ‘seafare salad’ so I left the original name on the shelf until people get used to the fact that this is the original lobster salad,” Zabar told WCBS 880.

Again, a lovely piece of local lore, but not exactly above board when it comes to New York’s consumer protection laws.

Zabar’s Clears The Air About Its ‘Lobster’ Salad [NewYork.CBSLocal]

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