Summer's Eve Stops Those Talking Hand Ads We All Loved So Much

In a move found shocking by no one, Summer’s Eve has pulled those ads featuring hands talking like they’re lady parts, after critics dubbed them racially insensitive.

AdWeek says the “Hail to the V” campaign, the brainchild of The Richards Group, were taken down after pressure from the public. The agency at first stood up for the ads, which featured a Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic character voices, saying they were meant to be “relatable,” and not racial stereotypes.

That didn’t last long, as Richards PR executive Stacie Barnett told Adweek that the criticism had begun to overshadow the message and goal of the larger campaign. Which they say was to tell ladies that they should free themselves from taboos and talk about their bits and we assume, also to use Summer’s Eve.

“Stereotyping or being offensive was not our intention in any way, shape, or form,” said Barnett. “The decision to take the videos down is about acknowledging that there’s backlash here. We want to move beyond that and focus on the greater mission.”

Note to other agencies — nether region puppetry is probably never going to be appreciated, unless you’re Stephen Colbert.

Summer’s Eve Pulls Controversial Talking-Vagina Videos [AdWeek]

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