McDonald's Puts The Move On The French With Baguettes

Besides sitting in a cafe smoking a pack of Gauloises while wearing a striped shirt and brooding, what’s the best way to lure the French? McDonald’s is going with the bread method, adding baguettes to their menu in France.

The Chicago Tribune reports on the new doughy addition, as first announced by Le Figaro newspaper. I don’t know French so I’m going to believe them.

“For the first 15 years, from 1980, what we did above all was offer people a slice of America,” Nawfal Trabelsi, senior vice president for McDonald’s operations in France and southern Europe, told Le Figaro.

Apparently they now think French want no part of America, and thus, the Gallic food offering. This also renders the Pulp Fiction method of naming food at French McDonald’s irrelevant, since a baguette in France is, well, a baguette.

McDonald’s bets on baguettes to lure French [Chicago Tribune]

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