Antique Piggy Bank From eBay Stuffed With $133 In Cash

Shawn bought this antique piggy bank on eBay for $13.50. Adorable, isn’t it? What was even more adorable was what he found when he pulled out the original cork: $133 in cash. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

Shawn’s tale, straight out of an episode of “Storage Wars”:

I thought you’d find this interesting. I bought a vintage 1950s piggy bank w/ original cork on eBay for S13.50 (plus S&H). Inside, to my surprise, I found $133 in cash! I’m considering this a cosmic win, and have no intention of [telling the] seller. Is that jerky?

I don’t think so. Under the sacred law of “finders, keepers” the seller should have checked inside the bank before selling it. You bought the bank and its contents.

What do you think, Consumerist Hive Mind? Is Shawn justified in not letting the seller know? Would it matter if the seller were an individual selling their own possessions, instead of an antiques dealer?

Update: Shawn just wrote back that the bills all have series dates from the early to mid 1980s, so they’ve probably been in that bank for 20-25 years.

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