Kmart Workers Find $10k Tin Can

Did you leave your tin can filled with over $10,000 on the customer service counter of a Des Moines Kmart? Because if you did, call them, they found it.

Update: Several of our readers have pointed out that the owner has reclaimed the can and the money. She says her husband left it there by accident, possibly while having a reaction to some medication, and that she’s going to deposit the cash in a bank.

[Here’s the rest of the original post:]

Employees ignored the tin can for four days, which makes me think I must have looked like a tin can the last time I went to a discount store’s customer service counter. An employee finally opened it last week:

The can contained $10,380 in assorted bills. Employees called police after opening the can Friday.

Police said the money was counted by a store manager, placed in envelopes according to denomination and then turned over to officers. No note was found.

“Iowa Kmart workers open tin can, find $10,000” [Associated Press via SFGate] (Thanks to Sue Ann!)

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