Get Supermarket Club Discounts With "Jenny's" Phone Number

Just because you’re buying groceries out of town doesn’t mean that you can’t get a shopper’s club discount at the supermarket, or have to go through the process of signing up for a member card. Instead, when they ask for your phone number, give them “Jenny’s.”

You know the one from the 80’s classic, “867-5309.” Parent Hacks says the reason why this works, each and every time, is that “Invariably, someone has signed up with this number to avoid giving out their real phone number.

Supermarkets give out these discounts in exchange for having permission to datamine your purchase behavior. You could view all lying as being bad, but I think this hack falls pretty low on the list things unraveling the fabric of society.Save money in grocery stores while traveling; use “Jenny’s” number to get club discounts [Parent Hacks]

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