Quirky's own wifi-enabled piggy bank is empty.

Sure, We Need A Smartphone-Enhanced Piggy Bank

Smartphones have changed modern life, from our inability to disconnect from our jobs to making commutes more fun to making it possible to order items online from inside a store. There are some applications of smart technology, though, that are just plain stupid. Like the Porkfolio, an Internet-enabled piggy bank. [More]

Antique Piggy Bank From eBay Stuffed With $133 In Cash

Antique Piggy Bank From eBay Stuffed With $133 In Cash

Shawn bought this antique piggy bank on eBay for $13.50. Adorable, isn’t it? What was even more adorable was what he found when he pulled out the original cork: $133 in cash. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.