Google+ Circle Forms Jobs Blog For Ex-Borders Workers

Borders shutting down means 11,000 nice bookworms are out of a job. That’s a pretty sad thought so a couple of friends started musing together on Google+ about how someone should help these folks out. So they started a new blog, “Help Ex-Borders Employees” where people can post job listings for these newly unemployed.

The listings don’t just have to be for bookstores but that’s a good place to start. The blog already has listings for jobs at book publisher Penguin, a bookstore, and a farm.

If you have a job you’d like to give to an-Borders kind of person, you email it to deadlanguages (atsymbol) or chris (atsymbol) and it will get checked out to go up on the blog.

Pretty neat. Hey maybe this Google+ thing is good for something after all!

Google+ Circle Forms Jobs Blog for 11,000 Ex-Borders Employees [The Daily Feed]