Starbucks Goes Extra Mile To Make Up For Employee's Ignorance

We’ve all had experiences with store employees who have a unique interpretation of company policy. And while it’s nice when the customer is proven to be in the right, it’s even nicer when the company goes above and beyond to apologize for an employee’s behavior.

From Consumerist reader Mitch:

I recently went into a Starbucks located inside a Safeway store and ordered an Iced Grande Dopio Espresso with light ice & 2 pumps of vanilla syrup. After paying for my drink, I went over to the condiments area where you can choose from different kinds of spices such as cinnamon and hazelnut and different forms of milk such as non-fat, whole or half & half.

I usually get non-fat milk in my dopio and fill it to the top of my cup so I won’t get a strong taste of the shots but the non-fat container was empty so I went back to the barista and asked if she can refill it with non-fat milk. She told me that she can just do it for me behind the counter with the gallon of milk they have on their side. I agreed!

While pouring, she explained to me that I am essentially making a vanilla latte and that the next time I do this, she will have to charge me for the milk. I was shocked. I never attempted to make a latte, this is how I customized my drink but now I have to pay more for it?

I couldn’t help but think that milk at the condiments area was complimentary and it turns out, I was right. After making a very easy call to Starbucks’ customer service department, I was greeted by a very nice young lady. She said there is no limit to the amount of milk I can pour in my drink, I am a paid customer and I should enjoy my drink the way I should like.

She went above and beyond and contacted the district manager at the Safeway to notify their employees about this policy so that this doesn’t happen to me or anyone else again. She didn’t stop there, she asked me for my address so that she can send a coupon for a free Starbucks drink of my choosing the next time I visit.