Tulsa Man's Rhino Cups Break Antique Roadshow's Appraisal Record At $1-1.5 Million

Start digging through your attic, basement or anywhere else you keep junk — it could be worth millions. One man in Tulsa found out just that, when his set of Chinese rhinoceros cups were pegged at a value of $1-1.5 million by Antiques Roadshow, breaking the program’s previous appraisal record.

According to KTUL.com, via Gawker, the Tulsa man was blown away when his cups were appraised by the show’s team. He’d had the five cups since the 1970s, and keeping them has proven to be quite the smart choice.

Appraiser Lark Mason put the value “between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000,” the highest value in the show’s 16 years on the road and on the air.

“As each one came out of the box my jaw started to drop a little more and that of at my colleagues eyes and their jaws dropped as well,” says Mason.

They won’t name the man, for now, to guard his fortune against theft, but say the show should air sometime next year.

“I was hoping he wasn’t going to collapse but he said that he was glad that he didn’t need his inhaler,” says Mason.

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