The Whole Foods Resignation Letter Of Doom

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if you pulled back the shiny hippy veneer of Whole Foods and saw what was squiggling underneath, now’s your chance. A Whole Foods worker just cc:’d their resignation letter to the entire company, and it’s quite the mangum opus.

Most of the letter is bitching about management and interpersonal relationships, but there are a few interesting points for consumers:

  • The letter alleges that the Whole Foods the employee worked at writes off 10-20% of its bulk food just to make the bins fill up and look better, and that they will intentionally over-order too many products just to make the shelves look nice and full.
  • It also says that Whole Foods doesn’t test the products in its Whole Body section and most of them lack credible scientific evidence to back up their claims.
  • Rather than promoting healthy food at the end of the aisles, in what are called “endcaps,” the Whole Foods the employee used to work at pushes salty snacks and sodas, because it’s more profitable.

So it’s a corporation that’s turned its ideals into a veil it wears for marketing purposes. Sounds pretty typical. Their worst crime in my book, and not mentioned in the letter, is that they’re overpriced.

But yeah, if in your resignation letter you try to argue that being 20 minutes late doesn’t matter, that’s a pretty good sign you shouldn’t be working there.

Read a Disgruntled Whole Foods Employee’s Epic Resignation Letter [Gawker]

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