BoltBus Hell Trip: No AC, Windows Shut

Passengers on a BoltBus from New York City to Boston enjoyed an experience akin to traveling inside a self-cleaning oven with wheels yesterday as the air conditioning was off and the windows wouldn’t open. Outside the temps were in the 90’s. Inside, it was broiling.

BoltBus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greyhound, said that they’re working to give all the passengers a full refund. “The safety and security of our passengers is our core value and something we take very seriously,” BoltBus spokesman Timothy Stokes told The Boston Globe. “Given the unprecedented heat wave that has struck the Northeast, we are working to make sure our customers’ travel experience is as comfortable as possible.”

There was no on-board revolt as passengers were largely busy trying to move as little as possible and stay hydrated with the water they brought with them. “I think we were all too out of it to go crazy,” a New Hampshire man told The Boston Globe.

Another passenger said that they were told the AC was pumping hot air because it was “fighting” with with weather outside and things would cool down eventually. However, that failed to occur.

During the one scheduled stop, the bus driver opened the emergency hatch in the roof. Passengers described that effort as ineffectual.

Riders recount rigors of a stifling trip from NYC [The Boston Globe]

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