Upset At Being Sold A Lemon, Man Crashes It Into Six Cars At Dealership

A man who upset over getting sold a lemon by a dealership decided to vent his rage in an unusual fashion. After the salesman wouldn’t accept a return, the man waited until midnight and then drove back to the dealership. Then he revved the engine and began smashing it into the cars on the lot.

One of the cars he hit was a Mercedes. Another was a special edition Mustang.

Seacoast online reports the trouble started after his wife bought a van from the Portsmouth Used Car Superstore. The man took it to his mechanic. His guy found loads of problems and the odometer didn’t work. Without a working odometer, his insurance wouldn’t insure it. And a quick Google revealed the van had previously been involved in a wreck. None of this was disclosed to him before purchase.

The salesman said that he was stuck with it. So he decided to stick them.

After he recovered his composure following his rampage, he waved down a passing police cruiser and turned himself in.

The dealership estimated the total damage at $20,000.

The man says he is ready for whatever happens to him next. “I’m stuck with it now,” he said. “But I got my point across.”

And this is why you have your mechanic check out a new car before you buy it. You can save yourself a lot of heartache, and maybe even some jail time if you have trouble controlling your temper.

Sour ‘lemon’ driver returns to dealer; ‘I didn’t hit a car under $20K’ [Seacoast Online] (Thanks to cicadymn!)

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