After Colbert Mocks, Gas Driller Stops Making "Friendly Fracosaurus" Coloring Book

After the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlighted a coloring book made by natural gas driller Talisman Energy for pushing propaganda on kids, and Colbert ripped it a new one, the gas company announced it will stop making “Talisman Terry’s Energy Adventure.”

The book featured a dinosaur called the “Friendly Fracosaurus” – a reference to a type of drilling called hydofracking that some find controversial. It was filled with images of smiling people and woodland creatures and a land that was not only unscathed by drilling, it even looked a little better afterwards, featuring a rainbow and a soaring eagle that weren’t there before. Here’s a PDF of the whole thing.

“We’re going to take our company’s focus to where it should be,” Natalie Cox, spokesperson for Talisman Energy USA, told Fox News. “We’re not going to continue to dispute the intent of a children’s coloring book. There’s two sides to every story, but it’s not something that we’re going to be disputing . . . it’s an activity book for young children.”

On Monday, Colbert skewered the book and showed a few pages he said had gone “missing” from the book. The last one was of an unhappy Fracosaurus lighting himself on fire while in the shower, tortured with guilt that he was advocating a fuel made from the remains of his ancestors.

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Gas driller halts distribution of coloring book [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] (Thanks to Robert!)

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