Coca-Cola Plants Living, Breathing Billboard

Advertising, especially of the outdoor variety, is often viewed as being anti-green, a signifier of befouled outdoor spaces. But this Coca-Cola billboard is trying to turn that image on its head — and sell some Coke while it’s at it.

Coke recently unveiled a 60′ x 60′ billboard in the Philippines that uses 3,600 potted Fukien tea plants to both advertise the soda and suck in some carbon dioxide off the busiest street in Manila.


Recycled Coca-Cola bottles were used as pots. The plants, which are potted in a mixture of industrial byproducts and organic fertilizers, are watered by an efficient drip irrigation system called trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation.

The plants each inhale about 13 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, which comes out to a total of around 128 pounds of CO2 each day for the whole billboard.

Coca-Cola Plants a Green Billboard []

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