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Man Says He Can’t Access His Credit Report After Equifax Sent Him Personal Info For Dozens Of Strangers

Getting an unexpected surprise in the mail can be fun sometimes — a birthday gift from your grandma or some free electronics — but one Washington man was far from happy to find credit reports in his mailbox that were apparently intended for a bunch of strangers. Even worse, he says he can’t get access to his own report to make sure there aren’t unexpected debts attached to his credit history. [More]


Don’t Want To See Tweets In Your Timeline From Strangers You Don’t Follow? Too Bad, Says Twitter

As if it’s not already annoying enough to see promoted tweets in your Twitter timeline, an inevitable advertising move that we’ve grumbled about and gotten over, Twitter says it’s going to sprinkle strangers’ musings, missives and messages into users’ timelines. Just because it can, apparently. [More]


Good Samaritan Says People She Helped Scammed Her Out Of $3,000 During A Hug

Remember how your parents told you never to talk to strangers and to definitely, definitely not let them hug you? One Good Samaritan re-learned that lesson recently, when she says a couple managed to scam her out of $3,000 with just a quick embrace of fake gratitude. [More]

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Couple Beaten And Robbed While Selling Phone Over Craigslist

Even though selling your old smartphone to a local person through classified ads will probably net you the most money, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take safety measures. Here’s one example why: an Illinois couple were beaten and robbed of their phone plus $275 after they arranged a meetup over Craigslist. Two teens have been charged with the crime and are in jail. [More]

5 Horrors Parents Most Worry About Vs 5 Most Likely To Occur

5 Horrors Parents Most Worry About Vs 5 Most Likely To Occur

According to a new survey, the top 5 calamities parents fret over happening to their kids are, in order from most fretting to least: kidnapping, school snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers, and drugs. What they really should be concerned over are the top 5 way children actually get hurt and/or killed: car accidents, homicide by someone the kid knows, abuse, suicide, and drowning. [More]

Parking Lot Safety Tips

Parking Lot Safety Tips

You’re not done with your holiday shopping when you swipe your credit card at the cash register. You’ve often got to navigate a potentially treacherous parking lot and get the goods home. The personal finance blog Finance for a Freelance Life offers some common yet helpful tips on how to avoid parking lot robbers. [More]


Shopping tip: If a strange man asks you to try on some shoes “for his wife,” say “NO.” [Mail-Tribune]