Sony Apparently Ends PSN Outage Welcome Back Offer A Day Early (Updated)

UPDATE: Sony has extended its welcome back program through 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Here’s the original post:

After offering some free games and other perks to players who stuck it out through the PlayStation Network outage, and stating that the offer would be available through Sunday, Sony angered procrastinators by apparently pulling the plug several hours earlier than promised.

Joystiq cites a June 3 PlayStation Blog post detailing the program that insists the welcome back offer will be available “through July 3.” A follow-up posted Friday said the offer would expire “on Sunday, July 3” rather than last through the entire day.

A Sony PR type defended the program’s possibly premature ending on Twitter, responding to a complaint:

“it ended today, as you said. There were 30 days to claim it, not sure why people decided to wait. We were clear from the outset.

Do you think Sony was clear enough about when it would end the offer?

PSA: Sony’s Welcome Back package ended today, users claim premature termination [Joystiq]

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