Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Complete With Touchscreen Controller

When Nintendo originally unleashed its Wii console on the world — and all the breakable furniture in everyone’s living rooms — the talk was about the new control system that allowed users to be more physically involved in their gaming experience. Earlier today, the video game giant finally unveiled its Wii U, the first in the next generation of consoles. And once again Nintendo is attempting to revolutionize the game controller.

The device, which will launch at some vague point between April and December of 2012, features not only the high-def graphics and audio that the Wii lacked, but also a controller with a 6.2″ touchscreen that acts as a supplementary screen to what’s happening on the TV.

It’s not terribly unlike what Nintendo has done with its two-screen DS and 3DS handheld gaming systems, though on a much larger scale. The controller will be motion-sensitive and can also be used to make voice calls, reports Reuters.

Nintendo lifts lid on Wii U for 2012 [Reuters]

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