Seems legit.

Terrible People Create Fake Amazon Pages, Convince Walmart To Price-Match Them

It seemed like a great victory for consumers when Walmart announced that it would price-match select online retailers, including However, because we’re not evil, we didn’t foresee how some people would misuse the price-matching privilege to scam Wally World into selling them video game consoles at cut-rate prices. [More]

None for you, Nintedo Wii U.

Despite “Strong Partnership,” EA Says Madden NFL 25 Won’t Be On Nintendo’s Wii U Console

Calm those quivering lips, Wii U users, it’s true, it’s really true: For the first time since 1991, Electronic Arts’ Madden series will sidestep a Nintendo console. The company’s newest offering, Madden NFL 25, won’t be available for the Wii U, but hey guys, don’t worry — the two companies totally still have a “strong partnership.” [More]


Kmart Pretends I Gave Them Wrong PayPal Address, Is Now Out Of Wiis

Did you preorder a Wii U from Kmart? Chris did. Well, he tried to. He paid using PayPal, and Kmart now tells him that he typed in an incorrect PayPal address, and they’re sold out of them. The funny thing is that they must have had his correct address at one point: when he first placed the order, they debited his account or put a hold on it initially. So that’s weird. [More]

Nintendo Admits It Used Footage From Other Systems To Show Off Capabilities Of Wii U

Nintendo Admits It Used Footage From Other Systems To Show Off Capabilities Of Wii U

If you watched Tuesday’s Nintendo E3 press conference, which I attended, you might have been floored by the showmanship that unveiled the upcoming Wii U wonder-system, which is capable of HD graphics that, unlike the Wii, are theoretically on par with PCs, the Xbox 360 and PS3. But the impressive graphics Nintendo flashed in a demo reel at the conference were from those other systems, and not the Wii U. [More]

Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Complete With Touchscreen Controller

Nintendo Unveils Wii U, Complete With Touchscreen Controller

When Nintendo originally unleashed its Wii console on the world — and all the breakable furniture in everyone’s living rooms — the talk was about the new control system that allowed users to be more physically involved in their gaming experience. Earlier today, the video game giant finally unveiled its Wii U, the first in the next generation of consoles. And once again Nintendo is attempting to revolutionize the game controller. [More]