Nintendo Might Be Following Up NES Classic With Mini SNES

Image courtesy of Garrett Wade

Nostalgia lovers who missed out on scoring one of Nintendo’s mini-Classic console systems before the company discontinued the product last week, could have another chance to walk down memory lane: The gaming company is reportedly planning to follow up on that system’s popularity with a miniature Super Nintendo version. Though, if the report is true, you’ll have to wait until the holidays.

Eurogamer, citing sources familiar to the matter, reports that Nintendo is currently in the development stage for a SNES mini set to launch later this year.

The system, which will likely be branded as the “Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System,” will be modeled after the NES version that launched during the 2016 holiday season. That means the system will probably have several games — such as Super Mario Kart, Earthbound, and others — built in, wired controllers, and the ability to be easily used on TVs.

Launching a SNES mini appears to be Nintendo’s attempt to build on the runaway popularity of the NES console that quickly sold out after its launch.

Potential customers were no-doubt disappointed last week when Nintendo announced that it was discontinuing the system, noting that it was never meant to be a permanent product.

That discontinuation decision was made as a way to make way for the new Super Nintendo system, sources tell Eurogamer.

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