1956 Ad Says Feed 7-Up To Babies

This Seven-Up ad from a 1956 LIFE is simply amazing. Who needs mother’s milk when you have Seven-Up?

Here’s the ad copy:

Pure Pleasure!

Seven-Up is so pure…so wholesome!

For a fact, you can even give this sparkling drink to babies–and without any qualms. Lots of mothers do just that!

Just read the ingredients on the 7-Up bottle and you’ll see why. We’re proud to list them for your inspection, even though regulations don’t require this on soft drinks.

Seven-Up has a special fresh, clean taste that appeals to everyone at your house–be he nine months, nine years or ninety. It’s the All-Family drink!

Watch “Soldiers of Fortune” on TV every week. Exciting 7-Up adventure series.

On a related note, here’s what happens if you actually feed soda, in this case, Mountain Dew, to babies all the time: 2-year olds with 12 cavities in their mouth.

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