Personal Finance Roundup

4 Unusual Places to Stash Retirement Funds [US News] “Here are four savings vehicles that offer something unique to the retirement saver.”

4 Sites to Check Before Buying a New Car [Money Talks News] “If you check out all of these and still like the car you’ve targeted, you can buy with more confidence.”

25 Great Movies About Money [Wise Bread] “The best 25 that show a variety of themes across many different genres and ratings.”

10 fees that can wreck your retirement savings [Market Watch] “10 of the fees that can eat away at your retirement savings.”

10 Things Shopping Malls Won’t Tell You [Smart Money] “Come hungry, stay late, and pay no attention to those ‘for rent’ signs.”



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  1. TouchMyMonkey says:

    Ah, shopping malls. We have one (Sangertown Square, Utica, New York – what a joke!). Depressing is about right, since it was built in 1979 and hasn’t been significantly renovated since, except to fill in this pit they used to have in the middle so they could fill it with more food court tables. Did I say food court tables? I meant kiosks full of cheesy crap and a year before last’s model Mustang some “charitable” organization plans to raffle off when they can finally sell enough tickets. Seems that car’s been there forever.

    As for the food court, it’s seen much better days. McDonald’s – gone. Taco Hell – gone. Subway – gone. Used to be two generic pan-Asian places next to each other – just one now. I was there the other day, and I counted five, yes, FIVE jewelery stores in the alleged food court area. They just closed a Subway to put the fifth one in. We’re a “city” of 60,000 in a county of 300,000. Who is buying all this jewelery?