Make Your Own Sweet CoCo Pomade At Home

Here’s a quick and cheap recipe for making your own pomade, a waxy material you can use to style your hair, at home. (Remember pomade? It’s that stuff George Clooney is obsessed with for greasing up his locks in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.)

Good Hair Blog came up with their own DIY recipe: all you need to do is melt down cocoa butter, kokum butter and coconut oil, let them cool, put them in a jar and then add a few oils. Get the whole instructions, ingredients and photos of what it should look like over at The Good Hair Blog.

You can use this light pomade for styling and for taming frizzies and smoothing down edges, and it should only take about an hour to make. Pretty neat!

DIY: Sweet CoCo Pomade [The Good Hair Blog]

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