Alabama Brewery Owner Moonlights As Detective To Track Down Stolen Kegs

When an owner of an Alabama brewery lost 40 beer kegs in a heist, he took it upon himself to track down the culprits and the containers. Now comes the difficult part: Waiting for the legal system to get off its duff and allow him to reclaim the property he claims is his. reports the owner cracked the case in a manner worthy of Cole Phelps. Thinking that the kegs would end up in scrap yards, he called around and found one that had just accepted of a suspiciously high number of kegs and paid out $450. The owner hustled down to the scrap yard and retrieved the suspected thieves’ driver’s licenses and addresses, giving the info to police.

Now the owner has to wait to be able to reclaim the property he believes is his. The scrap yard management said it would hold on to the kegs until he picks them up. The owner has yet to hear whether any arrests have been made.

Determined Avondale brewery owner tracks down stolen metal beer kegs [ via Fark]

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