Brewery Worker Declares His Feelings About Tom Brady On The Bottom Of 20,000 Cans Of Beer

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If you’ve had a can of Sun King beer recently, you might’ve been holding a vessel bearing one man’s personal feelings on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and never have known it. That man is named Biscuit, he works on the brewery’s canning line, and he thinks “TOM BRADY SUX,” according to the “Born on” date on the bottom of more than 20,000 cans of beer.

Sun King Brewery is in Indianapolis, the home of the Colts, where its beer is sold at Lucas Oil Stadium. Though the brewery isn’t taking credit for the anti-Brady stance, it’s still on board with football loyalty.

The canning shenanigans (shecanigans?) date back to May 13, in the midst of the DeflateGate controversy that had everyone buzzing, notes the Indy Star.

“It was a prank by Biscuit,” Sun King co-owner Clay Robinson told the Indy Star of the cans of Wee Mac Scottish Ale that came off the line with the Brady message. “It wasn’t an idea we came up with at all. Every day, we change the thing on the bottom of our cans. One of the guys running the canning lines had to come up with something. Biscuit is his name. So Biscuit put ‘Tom Brady Sux.'”

Biscuit is still employed by Sun King, but now he has to submit a list of sayings he’s going to stamp on the cans each week.

If you’re a fan of the Colts, or Sun King, or even Tom Brady, you might be out of luck trying to get your own can, as that batch’s shelf life is nearing its end.

“I assume most were consumed and recycled without anyone noticing,” Robinson said.

*Thanks for the tip, Chuck!

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