Thieves Accidentally Steal Treats, Not Cash, From Dunkin' Donuts

Three guys must’ve gotten quite the sugar rush when they realized they’d accidentally allegedly stolen a bag of doughnuts from a Dunkin’ Donuts in Hyannis, Mass. instead of cash.

The Cape Cod Times reports on the Dunkin’ Donuts robbery suspects, who were arrested Thursday, reportedly armed with knives and a hatchet, said police. They’d allegedly managed to nab a bag of doughnuts after demanding a cashier hand over the paper bag in her purse.

Police think that the suspects were under the impression that two employees leaving the shop on Wednesday night were carrying cash from the day’s sales. After demanding the paper bag one woman was holding, they made off without checking its contents.

Surprise! It was filled with sugary delight! They were caught on video and tracked down the next day by police. All three were arrested and charged with armed robbery while masked.

Robbery suspects left holding bag of doughnuts [Cape Cod Times]

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