's 6-Month Guarantee Does Not Transfer To is a dating site that is separate from, but owned by, Meredith learned this the hard way when she clicked over to Chemistry from a page on Match, then found that all of her information was already in their system. Assuming that it was all part of the same site and that Match’s advertised six-month guarantee was in effect, she signed up for a membership. After six months passed with neither chemistry nor matches, she learned that the guarantee doesn’t extend to memberships.

Towards the end of last year, I decided to subscribe to A service I had used previously, but not in the recent past. When I went to reopen my account, I elected to take a Quiz, which I thought was your typical dating site quiz because it was advertised on

At this point, I was transferred from the site to the site without notice. Ok, so the color of the page changed, but I still didn’t realize I wasn’t using a service or taking a quiz. Because I was linked there from, I thought I was still in the world of

After the quiz, all of my account information was brought over (photographs, text, information, etc.) from my account to Because of this, I still didn’t realize I was on a whole new site. I selected the six-month subscription to ensure the 6-month guarantee, and went about participating on Yes,

Here’s how my brain accounted for the disparity:

Because I had intended to renew my account, because I had directed my browser there, and because my account information had come over, I still believed I was a customer and covered by that agreement.

But the site was, how did you not figure this out, you ask?

Since is a newer service and owned by, I thought they were poising as the “new” by redirecting’s NYC clientele to

Yes, New York City snobbery, I know.

When my six months were up, and I still hadn’t found love, I thought I’d be covered by the guarantee. This is when I realized I’d been charged for another six-month period, and when I was told by that I wasn’t covered by the guarantee because I was a subscriber not a subscriber. What?!

My call to customer service, a group of folks in a Nicaragua call center, resulted in the explanation that I had, in fact, been turned over to by when I went to take the quiz. I learned that had, in fact, accessed my account, and brought over my information (making it appear I was renewing my account rather than creating a new account). And I learned I was not covered by any guarantee.

When I asked the supervisor at the Nicaragua call center to speak with her supervisor, I was informed she reports to no one.

I then tried to find contact information for someone at who might be able to help me. I ended up only with telephone numbers for The people with whom I spoke at sounded understanding but claimed they were unable to help me, even though they were willing to tell me the folks sit down the hall from them.

I still have been unable to reach anyone at I have since put the charge in dispute with my credit card and written to the Attorney General’s office.