Netflix Now Lets You Use 50 Different Devices To Stream Video

With all the options now available to stream Netflix videos, it was easy to surpass the service’s old cap of six devices. Addressing the concern, Netflix has now lifted the limit to 50.

As High-Def Digest notes, some gadget-juggling customers toppled the old limit if they streamed Netflix through a couple game machines, a Roku, a connected Blu-ray player, desktop computer, laptop and phone.

One can only imagine that there are some out there who respond to Netflix’s 50-device limit with a Barney Stinson-like “challenge accepted” and try to find 51 ways to stream Netflix with stuff they’ve got around the house, just to find something to complain about.

Did you ever bump up against the six-device limit? How many things do you own that stream Netflix?

Netflix Ups Device Limit Per Account to 50 [High-Def Digest]

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