Get More Money When Airline Loses Luggage By Having Receipts For Every Piece Of Clothing

Airlines play the lowball game when they lose your luggage, offering paltry compensation and making it hard for you to get a fair value for your lost items. It demands a bit of an anal mentality but you can help yourself if you’ve saved the receipts for everything in your baggage, writes the Airfarewatchdogblog.

“Start squirreling away those receipts,” they write, “and not just for electronics but for clothing, jewelry, and every little ho-hum purchase.”

If you can do that and keep everything organized, like in a baseball card binder, it will be a lot easier to make your case about the exact value of the contents in your baggage. You can send them scans of your receipts and prove exactly how much was lost. This will help you get a payout that’s closer to their max level, rather than then the couple of bones they tossed you.

What’s your receipt-saving strategy or system? Or do you have one at all?

Lost Luggage, Lost Money [Airfarewatchblog]

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