I Solved Citibank ATM Pen Shortage With Duct Tape, TD Bank Pens

Reader Greg was sick of there never being any pens at the Citibank ATM at 8th ave and 16th st in NYC. They had those metal pens attached to wire like they always do, but people had stolen the pen innards and they were never replaced. (Probably because the bank got sick of replacing them.) So Greg came up with his own solution. He grabbed some free pens that are always in abundance at TD Bank and duct taped them to the empty Citibank pen barrels.

“I’ve walked past the window a few times over the last couple days, the pens are still there and people are using them!” writes Greg. “The best things about this is: as I was taping up the last pen a man came in and used one of them. He thanked me saying he wouldn’t have been able to make his deposit otherwise and has left without making deposits before because of there were no pens.”

There, Citibank, fixed that for you.


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