Cruise Ship Passengers Mutiny After Being Stranded For 3 Days

After the electricity failed, passengers on the MSC Opera luxury cruise ship found themselves stranded at sea for three days, reports The Daily Mail. The toilets stopped working, there were blackouts, water was in short supply and at one point, passengers were only given rolls to eat. Then they rebelled.

The passengers reportedly chanted out, “We want the captain, we want the captain.” He didn’t come down to face them, but the staff then opened the bar and gave out free alcohol. That apparently placated the passengers and was all it took to squash the mutiny. Guess there was no Fletcher Christian among them.

Tug boats eventually arrived to pull the listless cruise liner back to shore. The cruise line will be giving all the passengers free vouchers for another 10-day cruise. Although after that ordeal I’m not so sure the customers will be that eager to take them up on the offer.

Cruise ship mutiny: Stranded passengers rebel after three days of blackouts, food rations and broken toilets [Daily Mail]

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