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David Transier

Southwest Airlines Flies 500 Stranded Passengers Out Of Airport Closed By Hurricane

With the arrival of Hurricane Harvey in Texas this weekend, hundreds of Southwest Airlines customers were stranded on Sunday after Houston Hobby Airport closed — so the airline decided to just fly those folks out of there. [More]

Morton Fox

Yahoo Explains Why It Turned Off Email Auto-Forwarding; Turns It Back On

Earlier this week, we told you about Yahoo Mail users complaining that they could no longer use the auto-forward function to have things from their Yahoo account forwarded to a different address. Now Yahoo is explaining why it turned off this function, and why it’s turned it back on. [More]


Cheaters’ Dating Site Would Sure Like It If You Pay To Delete Your Profile (But You Don’t Have To)

The time has come, and you’re done being a member of Ashley Madison, a dating website with the mission of pairing up married people who want to cheat on their spouses. But do you have to pay $19 just to delete your profile, as some users thought was the case? Not really, but also yes, you can pay $19. [More]


4 Vacation Destinations We’d Rather Be Visiting Than Great-Uncle Jerrold’s Doll Museum

For those of us still trapped firmly in the chilly, sloshy, sleet-filled embrace that is this miserable winter, vacation sounds like just an exotic dream. While you’re painting your daydream pictures for the time when you can finally take off, there are some fast-growing tourism industries out there getting more popular with visitors. [More]

JetBlue Fined For Not Telling Passengers They Can Exit A Plane Stuck Indefinitely At The Gate

JetBlue Fined For Not Telling Passengers They Can Exit A Plane Stuck Indefinitely At The Gate

Know your rights, airplane passengers! If you’re stuck at the gate waiting to take off, you do not have to just sit there and take it, according to the Department of Transportation’s rules. JetBlue is on the line for $90,000 after failing to inform passengers that they were allowed to get off a plane stuck at the gate for hours at John F. Kennedy Airport in March. [More]