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Lawsuit: Royal Caribbean Didn’t Try To Save Man Who Died After Falling Overboard On Cruise

The husband of a man who died after falling overboard on a Royal Caribbean cruise is now suing, claiming the company didn’t make any efforts to save him or to retrieve his body. [More]

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More Than 500 People Evacuated From Cruise Ship Near Puerto Rico After Fire

A ship fire aboard a combination ferry/cruise vessel off the coast Puerto Rico on Wednesday found the U.S. Coast Guard evacuating more than 500 passengers and crew from the ship. [More]


Norwegian Cruise Line No Longer Allowing Carry-On Beverages

A year after Carnival Cruise Line implemented a “no-carry on bottled beverage” rule, another prominent cruise line is following suit, albeit in a more stringent manner: Norwegian Cruise Line will no longer allow guests to bring any beverages on board either as carry-on or checked luggage. [More]

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Carnival Cruise Ship Hits Gangway, Shoving It Onto Vehicles Parked Near The Dock

It’s not always easy being a huge boat when it comes time to head into port, as a Carnival Cruise Lines ship found out while docking in Baltimore on Sunday. No one was hurt in the incident — unless you count the cars parked nearby. [More]

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Cruise Ship Passengers Helping Themselves To Free Coffee & Donuts At Homeless Shelter

We get it: Cruises can be expensive, and often the food and drink at ports of call can be pricier than what you pay back home. But that doesn’t mean you have to bogart the free coffee and donuts at the homeless shelter near the dock. [More]

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Carnival Cruise Line Hiking Automatic Gratuity Charge By Almost $1

If you’re heading out on the high seas with a Carnival cruise starting next fall, expect to see a heftier automatic gratuity charge on your bill than in journeys past. [More]

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Adorable Multilingual Robot Goes To Work On Cruise Ship, Never Gets Seasick

Pepper is a very popular robot, working as a concierge and sales assistant in retail environments all over the world. The 4-foot-tall humanoid android is able to detect and respond to humans’ emotional states, and will eventually be able to perform a variety of jobs that require interacting with the public. Its newest assignment: multiple Peppers will go to sea on Costa cruise ships. [More]

Cruise Ship Recently Damaged In Major Storm Turns Around Again Due To Bad Weather, Norovirus Outbreak

Cruise Ship Recently Damaged In Major Storm Turns Around Again Due To Bad Weather, Norovirus Outbreak

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Anthem of the Seas is not having a good year so far: after getting smacked around by a major storm in February, the vessel had to turn around on another journey due to more bad weather, and, to add to the fun for passengers this time, a norovirus outbreak. [More]


Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Damaged In “Extreme” Storm Turning Around, Heading Back To Port

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship is turning around and heading back to where it started in New Jersey, after the vessel was damaged in an “extreme” storm that forced passengers to take cover in their cabins overnight. Four passengers were injured during the rough ride, though the cruise line says none of those injuries are serious. [More]

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No More Carry-On Bottled Beverages For Carnival Cruise Passengers

Carnival Cruise passengers traveling any time after July 8 be warned that you’ll no longer be able to sneak on a water bottle full of vodka… or gin… or water for that matter, as the cruise line will no longer allow most bottled beverages to be carried on board their ships. [More]

The Jan. 2012 crash of the Costa Concordia took the lives of 32 people. Today, the ship's captain was found guilty of multiple counts of manslaughter.

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Captain Guilty Of Manslaughter

More than three years after Carnival’s Costa Concordia cruise ship crashed near the Tuscan island of Giglio, ultimately resulting in the deaths of 32 people, the captain of that ship has been found guilty of manslaughter by an Italian court. [More]

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Another Year, Another Norovirus Outbreak Sickening Hundreds Of Cruise Ship Passengers

The good news? We made it an entire month into 2015 without having to report on yet another norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship. The stomach-turning news? That break hasn’t lasted long, as a Royal Caribbean ship was forced to return to port earlier than planned after more than 200 onboard fell ill with a bad case of the barfs. [More]

Woman Will Spend $164K In 2015 To Continue Living On Cruise Ship That’s Been Her Home For Last 7 Years

Woman Will Spend $164K In 2015 To Continue Living On Cruise Ship That’s Been Her Home For Last 7 Years

Perhaps you fancy yourself a regular captain of the high seas due to your yearly cruise trip. Get back to swabbing decks though, folks, because there’s a woman who’s been living on a cruise ship longer than most of the crew, after almost seven years of making her home there. [More]

Welcome to the halls of norovirus infamy, Dawn Princess.

Norovirus Strikes At Least 200 Passengers On Princess Cruise Ship In New Zealand

Another cruise in the news, another batch of passengers clutched in the gross embrace of that scourge of all pleasure vessels on the high seas, norovirus. A Princess Cruises ship in New Zealand has had 200 passengers fall ill recently, struck with the nasty gastrointestinal illness. [More]


Cruise Ship Diners Suspected Of Tossing Live Lobsters Overboard In Effort To Save Them

So a Canadian lobster walks into an English bar– er, bay, and he kind of scuttles. Anyway, despite whatever punchline you might’ve been expecting, there’s a story out there that Canadian lobsters are showing up in English waters, and not because they were in the mood for a 3,000-mile swim. No, the recent influx of foreign crustaceans is said to be the fault of guilty diners crossing the Atlantic on cruise ships — if the stories are to believed. [More]

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Norovirus Strikes A Crown Princess Cruise For The Second Time This Year, Sickening 170

Some guests just refuse to leave, even when the party is over, it seems: For the second time in six months, Carnival’s Crown Princess, which sails the seas under the Princess Cruises brand, has hosted an outbreak of norovirus. The ship was met at the dock in Los Angeles yesterday by public health officials after more than 170 passengers and some crew fell ill on a 28-day cruise to destinations like Tahiti and Hawaii. [More]

Aptly Named Cruise Ship “Breakaway” Stranded For Hours Trying To Get Into Port

Aptly Named Cruise Ship “Breakaway” Stranded For Hours Trying To Get Into Port

When you name something “Breakaway” you’re basically imbuing it with a free spirit, one that can’t be subjected to the constraints others might want to place on it. So of course, Norwegian’s Breakaway cruise ship practically had an obligation to itself to stay stuck for hours in the Hudson River instead of docking like it was supposed to. [More]

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Norovirus Suspected Of Gripping Yet Another Cruise Ship In Its Nasty, Barfy Embrace

Federal health officials are on the vomit-filled trail once again as yet another cruise ship full of people have possibly been hit by norovirus. Around 114 passengers and 10 crew members reportedly fell ill during a weeklong cruise on the Holland America MS Veendam. [More]