Woman Sues Chanel After Getting $10,000 Ring Stuck On Her Finger

Don’t you just hate it when you slip on a really expensive ring, only to then have to wait several hours in the emergency room for a doctor to pry it off your pudgy digit? I know I do… But I’ve never gotten so mad that I’ve sued one of the most famous brands in the world of fashion.

According to the NY Post, a woman from Brooklyn recently popped into the Chanel store in Midtown Manhattan to check out this particular sparkler. And while the bit o’ bling went onto her finger sans too much trouble, the same couldn’t be said for its removal.

In spite of their best efforts, the staff at the Chanel store were unable to separate woman from ring and the pair had to be taken to an emergency room, where after sitting around for 3-4 hours doctors were finally able to free the ring.

Most importantly, they were able to do so without having to cut through the ring or the finger.

But the relief of being unburdened was apparently not enough for this woman, who has filed a lawsuit against Chanel and is seeking unspecified damages.

Since she hasn’t specified the damages, we’re sure you each have your opinions on just what this Chanel customer deserves for her pain and suffering.

Lawsuit has painful ring to it [NY Post via Village Voice]

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