Atlanta Thrashers Still Selling Season Tickets…After Move To Winnipeg Announced

Great news, hockey fans! Earlier today, you could still buy season tickets to watch the Atlanta Thrashers play during the 2011-12 NHL season. Even the best seats in the house are going to be pretty terrible, though, because the team announced this morning that it has been sold and is moving. To Winnipeg. Manitoba. Canada. Yet you could apparently still buy season tickets right up until the press conference.

The venerable Winnipeg Jets move to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996 to become the now-troubled Phoenix Coyotes. Hockey blog Puck Daddy took on an undercover operation, calling up the ticket sales office just about an hour before the press conference–which by then was no secret.

The following conversation took place:

PD: Are you guys still accepting Thrashers season-ticket deposits?

THRASHERS: We are! Where would you like to sit? How many seats are you looking for?

PD: Downstairs would be great. And just two.

THRASHERS: And what will you be using your tickets for?

PD: To watch some exciting Thrashers hockey in 2011-12.

THRASHERS: In the lower bowl, the lowest we have are $999 and they’re in Sections 201-209. Do you want me to tell you the best available there?

PD: And this is for the Atlanta Thrashers’ 2011-12 season?


PD: Next season? In the NHL? In Atlanta?

Uh-huh. Do you want me to tell you the best available tickets?

PD: Sure.

Now, the Thrashers weren’t out to scam anyone, but it’s still a waste of everyone’s time to leave the season ticket office open when the team is physically moving out of the country.

Update: Our ex-stepbrothers at Deadspin called in this afternoon and could have bought tickets well after the announcement.

Thrashers still selling season tickets 1 hour before Winnipeg event [Puck Daddy] (Thanks, Zachary!)

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