Planned Train Line Through French Flower Fields Could Threaten Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Chanel is making a big stink about a planned train line that the company believes poses a threat to the future of Chanel’s signature No. 5 perfume. [More]


Thieves Ram SUV Into Paris Chanel Store, Make Off With Designer Handbags

The lure of luxury goods can be very strong, but thieves in Paris took that desire for designer products to an extreme, police say, using a sports utility vehicle to ram their way into a Chanel boutique, ransacking the store and fleeing on scooters with a “quite significant” haul. [More]

Woman Sues Chanel After Getting $10,000 Ring Stuck On Her Finger

Woman Sues Chanel After Getting $10,000 Ring Stuck On Her Finger

Don’t you just hate it when you slip on a really expensive ring, only to then have to wait several hours in the emergency room for a doctor to pry it off your pudgy digit? I know I do… But I’ve never gotten so mad that I’ve sued one of the most famous brands in the world of fashion.


Gucci 3D Glasses And Other Ridiculous Designer Crap

Gucci 3D Glasses And Other Ridiculous Designer Crap

Are the glasses that come with 3D TVs just not stylish enough for you? Perhaps you need to chic up your curb on garbage day. And what about that label-less sponge you’ve been using to clean your kitchen? Now you can finally have all these things and more without having to sacrifice your love of big name designers.