What $1 Million Looks Like Around The House

Who hasn’t dreamed of holding a million dollars in their sweaty, clammy paws? Beats working! That day may never come for you, but you might be surprised by how kind of quotidian a million dollars actually looks like in person. To give you a sense of perspective, Cockeyed has a gallery of pictures of what a million dollars would look like in various poses around the house. (They used 10,000 one dollar bills to simulate what 10,000 $100 bills would look like).

Here it is in a plastic shopping bag. Here it is stuffed inside the crisper of a refrigerator. Here it is arrayed on a Hello Kitty bedsheet. Humph. Not that impressive in real life, is it? I guess Sean Parker was right: “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION dollars.”

A Million Dollars – Currency Photos [Cockeyed]

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